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Databases have increasingly become a "must have" technology for any website on the Internet that wants to be useful and interesting to its visitors. Databases are so powerful and so useful, that they have become the standard for website development in the 21st century.

What is a database?
A database is a store of information, usually in large quantities, and often of a complex nature. A database could contain something as simple as a list of people, or as complex as accounting data, weather forecasts, and other information that is interrelated beyond simple lists. Some common database systems are Cold Fusion, Dotnet Nuke, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS-Access.

What is a database driven website?
A database driven website is a website that uses a database to gather, display, or manipulate information. An example of this would be an "e-commerce" site using a database to store your online orders and billing information. Another example would be a site that displays current stock market information; it is retrieving this information from a database and displaying it on a website.

Database driven websites are very powerful tools because they allow a site to be dynamically generated or customized to display the information that is relevant to each visitor. They allow a website to quickly and efficiently display a subset of relevant information selected from a larger pool. They also allow a website to be interactive and store information the user enters, for use in the rest of their visit to the website, or for use in other activities.

Are database sites easier to update than HTML site?
The answer to this question is most emphatically yes! You don’t need extensive HTML skills to change things such as pictures, and text on your website. Through the use of special forms you can keep your site up-to-date with minimal effort. If you can use a photo editing program such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and you can use Microsoft word, then you are 100% qualified to operate a database driven website. Gone are the days of combersom HTML websites were only a trained professional could do the work, Let eSharp show you how you can become your own webmaster.

What are some examples of database driven websites?
There are examples of database driven websites wherever you look. Popular sites like Yahoo! and Google use databases for almost every aspect of their sites. News sites like CNN and MSNBC display the latest news, sometimes displaying news that is relevant to particular geographic or cultural areas, all by using databases. Weather sites, online forums, and shopping sites all use databases!

What can I do with a database driven website?
The possibilities are endless. eSharp Services has extensive experience building database driven websites -- it's what we do best! We can evaluate your needs and recommend a database driven website solution that is right for your organization. The sky is really the limit with a database website.

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