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What is the Digital Brochure?
The Digital Brochure is a new marketing tool that is proving very effective in showcasing products or services. It is a CD that is built to automatically run a dynamic presentation when the disk is placed into the CD drive of a computer. Someone places the CD in their machine and the presentation automatically comes alive.

CD brochure is more dynamic and interactive than a standard catalog or paper brochure. It is a great way to have your offline marketing be as dynamic and informative as your best web sites, TV ads or other media marketing. Your CD can include photos, video footage, links to your website, contact information and any printable documents that assist your business. All in a fun interactive environment.

With the Digital CD Brochure you have room to effectively replace your current print pieces and in many cases can use CD-ROMs that are the size and shape of a standard business cards.        Very Powerful Marketing!

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