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Electronic based training or eLearning can be an extrememly effective tool to provide information and resources to staff, partners or clients.

eLearning can be delivered via web based resoruces, via CD-ROM or as a combination of a number of delivery platforms. No matter what the delivery option, eLearning has proven to cut expense, shorten lifecycles and provide critical support to making programs successful.

eSharp has over 5 years of direct experience in eLearning and understands that no matter what level you are trying to address along a 5 point curve of understanding, you need to address the 3 primay adult learning styles (Visual, Auiditory and Kenestethic) in order for your program to be successful. We focus on the goals of the overall program and apply sound instructional design to ensure the effectiveness of the training.

Please take a look around and contact us if we can answer any questions or help you meet your goals.
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